The Basics Of Credit Reporting

  • How To Read A Credit Report
  • How Information Is Compiled In The Credit Report
  • Credit Laws/ Credit Myths
  • Tips On Managing Your Credit Report

Credit Scoring Basics

  • What Is A Credit Score
  • How To Read Your Credit Score
  • How To Obtain Your Credit Score
  • How Companies Use Credit Scores
  • Score Ranges
  • Most Common Score Reasons & How To Improve Your Score

The Financial Pyramid

Components: Savings. Insurance And Investing – Explanation Of Each Area And The Impact On Your Fiscal Life

How To Make Great Decisions In Each Area

Establishing A Family Spending Plan

  • How To Develop A Spending Plan
  • Components Of A Spending Plan
  • How To Be A Wise Consumer In Various Areas Of The Spending Plan
  • Percentages To Spend In Each Area Of The Plan


  • How To Find Money From Spending Plan To Save
  • How To Make Great Saving Decisions
  • Saving Tips On Spending Less On Many Purchases
  • Buying Decisions Lead To Savings And A Great Saving Plan

The Cost Of Paying Interest

  • Examples Of Interest On Credit Cards
  • Examples Of Interest On Installment Loans
  • Examples Of Interest Paid On Various Purchases
  • How To Make A Wise Decision On All Of The Above Areas

Predatory Lending

  • Definition Of Predatory Lending
  • What It Is And What Is Isn’T
  • How To Avoid Becoming A Victim And How To Protect Family Members From Becoming Victims
  • Types Of Loans Prevalent In This Area

Insurance Planning (Part I)

The Different Types Of Insurance Coverage

Decision-Making Process To Follow In Purchasing Insurance

Insurance Planning (Part Ii)

  • Property And Casualty Insurance Coverage
  • Long Term Care Insurance• Annuity Coverage
  • For Estate Planning


  • Investment Basics
  • Mutual Funds, Bonds And Treasury Bills
  • 401K, 403B And 457 Plans

Investments Continued

  • How To Invest At Work
  • How To Invest If You Are Self-Employed
  • Ira Basics• Investment Clubs

Identity Theft

  • Definition
  • Types
  • Financial Impact
  • How Does It Happen
  • Prevention
  • Step-By-Step Procedures To Follow When It Happens