Seminar – Half Day

  • Managing Your Credit Report
  • Components Of A Credit Report
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Permissible Purposes & Purge File Rules
  • Myths About Credit Reporting
  • Credit Iq Exam

How To Read And Improve Your Credit Score

  • What Is A Credit Score
  • How To Read A Credit Score
  • Where To Obtain A Credit Score
  • How To Improve Credit Scores And What Each Improvement Means

Developing A Budget

  • Components Of A Budget
  • Record Keeping• Preparing A Budget
  • Group And Individual Budget Exercises

Identity Theft

  • Definition Of Identity Theft & Types Of Identity Theft
  • What To Do If You Are A Victim
  • Your Rights Under The Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Importance Of Record Keeping

Half Day Seminar – Fiscal Management Basics

Credit Reporting Basics

  • The Credit Triangle & History Of Credit
  • The Credit Report Impact
  • Analyze And Discuss The Credit Report
  • How To Obtain A Copy Of The Credit Report
  • How To Manage The Credit Report
  • Credit Laws & Credit Myths
  • Credit Scores Explained & How To Improve

Credit Decision Making

  • The Cost Of Credit – Examples: Purchasing A Car, Getting Credit Cards And Various Loans
  • Credit Scams Explained – Examples: Rent To Own, Check Cashing Establishments, Etc.
  • Reading The Fine Print
  • Review Identity Theft – How To Prevent And What To Do When It Happens