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Welcome to ABBA Associates Inc., Official Web Site!

ABBA Associates Inc. is a Powder Springs, GA, based fiscal management and consulting firm providing management leadership consulting, fiscal management curriculum development, and conducts nationwide fiscal management seminars and webinars.

These services are provided to companies, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.  The focus is to provide a good financial solution for consumers showing them the resources they should use to develop a financially successful life plan.

Bill has spent 40+ years in the insurance and financial information industry. He is a knowledgeable financial educator who teaches and coaches people on what it takes to be successful in their financial life.

Bill conducts exciting seminars and webinars across the country on lifestyle management to diverse audiences. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs addressing fiscal management related topics.  You can request a webinar for your company, nonprofit organization or faith-based facility from this website, the various courses are provided in the product offering.


ABBA Associates Offers A Variety of Workshop On Financial Literacy


In this workshop, participants will begin to prepare for retirement readiness by creating a savings plan and learning about investment vehicles that may allow them to grow their wealth. They will also set financial goals and lean how to manage them.

Identity Thief

In this workshop, participants will learn about the methods used by identity thieves to steal personal information and how to protect themselves. They will also understand what information is at risk and red flags to watch out of for with regard to common scams.


In this workshop, participants will understand how to budget for a mortgage, how the mortgage application process works, the options available to them, and the costs associated with getting a mortgage.

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Our Partners

ABBA ASSOCIATES INC. is focused on assisting consumers to develop a successful life plan.  Below are links to our partners who provide educational resources for consumers from Kindergarten to Adults of all ages.  Please click on their links and review their sites and the great educational resources they provide.